Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Months After Ireland

We have been back from Ireland for two months now. Flying home was miserable to say the least, with long lay-overs and the time change affecting us so.

We made it home safely however, and immediately immersed ourselves back in to our everyday lives. When we first returned home we had a hard time coping with the everyday. There was a process of grieving, almost, that had to be done. I at first thought it was because we had never had a “real” vacation before. That we were yearning for the “getting-away-form-it-all”, more than anything else.

After two months I realize I was wrong. I am so unbelievably homesick for Ireland… and Ty feels the same.

This country will always have part of my soul and as much as I want to see many parts of the world – I feel the need to return to Ireland sooner rather than later.

I was going through my blog, not to long ago, and realized I left the blog hanging. I wanted to write an entry summarizing our trip. However… how can you put in words such a beautiful, spiritual experience as we had in Ireland? I have tried to vent to people, in my life, about being homesick. The question I keep getting is – “How can you be homesick for a place you have never lived”. I have no answer for them… it is something I can not put in words.

Ty and I want to continue our travel tales. We now have the “bug” and are already planning our 2010 trips. In the spring, I am going to Virginia alone to visit my best friend, Rayvnn for a long weekend. Ty and I are also planning a long weekend away in the last spring/early summer to New Orleans – staying in the French Quarter. Finally, we want to take a 4-5 day cruise to the Bahamas, the four of us, this fall.

2011 was supposed to be when Ty and I would travel to Italy. Now we are looking ahead to see how we can also return that year to Ireland… the country we hold so dear.

The Terrell's Travel Tales do not stop here... actually we are just getting started. Stay tuned. :-)

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