Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I awoke this morning in a castle. It was spectacular and I was in good spirits. I wanted to milk the stay as long as possible, so we decided not to leave until check out at noon. I was delighted to finally have internet again so I planned to spend time in the sunroom (online) after breakfast.

Unfortunately Ty woke up in horrible pain and couldn’t turn his head. We think he might have pinched a nerve in his neck somehow. He had a difficult time eating that morning as the pain was making him nauseous. He went back up to the room after breakfast to lie down and I spent some time on the computer.

We checked out of the castle and started the hour long drive to our Bed and Breakfast in Galway. We stopped at a “Chemist” shop (aka a Pharmacy) and found some Ibuprofen and some kind of muscle cream.

He was able to get the pain dulled enough to make it to the B&B. We found our B&B with little trouble. We are both getting very used to finding our way around in Ireland at this point… and Ty has become a pretty good left-side driver. I hope he remembers how to drive on the right side when we get back home ;-)

Our B&B is The Bayberry House located just outside of Galway city.

The outside of our B&B (taken at night because I forgot to get one when we arrived)

The sitting room

The dining room

Sweet Kitty Cat, Molly resides at Bayberry

We were greeted warmly by our hostess, Marie once we arrived. She was very pleasant and LOVES to talk. She noticed Ty’s discomfort right away and went and got him a hot water bottle. She showed us to our room, which is small – but clean and cozy.

The garden view from our room

All bed and breakfasts in Ireland seem to have a full size bed and a twin. We have liked this so far, as we can put our suitcases on the twin. Marie suggested Ty sleep in a separate bed so he can better have more room to get in a position to support his neck.

Here is Ty trying out the twin bed. He titled this picture “Gimped Up in Ireland

I really liked our new B&B especially because there was FREE wireless internet. Marie was very sweet and offered to drive us into the city, so we could have lunch and avoid parking charges. She told us it would be cheaper to take a taxi back than to park. During our drive she asked what brought us to Ireland. When telling her I am of Irish decent she asked the surnames of my family. I told her Murray… and she tells me her Grandmother was Elizabeth Murray. I also tell her Allen… and she says “You’re not going to believe this but my great-grandmother’s maiden name was Allen”. I laughed and told her we must be related (didn’t want to burst her bubble by mentioning Murray and Allen are VERY common names in the U.S.). She showed me a picture hanging in her hallway, later when we returned to the B&B. It was of her Grandmother, Elizabeth Murray. She insists we look alike, LOL. I don’t see it, but I need to remember to get a picture of the picture to show my mom.

ANYWAY - Galway is a college town and it is also a growing city. We liked it instantly as we strolled through town centre. We wandered through shops and ate lunch at an Organic sandwich shop.

Streets of Galway City

These pictures are of a banquet hall dating back to the 1300’s. They are in the process of excavating and it is currently the oldest ruin they have found in Galway.

We decided to hang out and have dinner there as well. We ate at a sports pub and both had muscles. They were so delicious and one of the best meals we have had in Ireland. I believe what made them so good was the butter in the wine/garlic/butter sauce. Butter in Ireland (as well as the cream) is like Heaven. I seriously was to bring some home with me if I can figure out how.

Not the prettiest pictures but sooooo yummy!!

We strolled around town after dark and there were young musicians everywhere playing instruments and/or singing. A lot of them were very talented, so we stopped to listen to some of them play.

There were also fire breathers/twirlers

Galway has a fabulous feel to it and though we didn’t do too much (and Ty was hurting) it was a nice day.

We returned to our B&B and I noticed that the moon was shining so brightly. I thought of everyone at home, knowing in a few hours – they would be seeing the same moon.

Upon retiring to our room for the evening, I was delighted to be able to talk to a friend online… and Ty was delighted they had Discovery channel on t.v.

Hoping Ty is feeling better tomorrow, we have a busy day planned.


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