Monday, September 28, 2009


Just as I feared our new B&B doesn’t hold a candle to our Kilkenny B&B. I don’t want to be totally negative, so let me say – It is a really pretty house on the outside. The gardens are beautiful and everything inside is very clean.

Our bedroom is very plain and our bed is two very hard twin beds put together.

Rosemary, our hostess, is nice enough… but not nearly as warm and personably as Val and Tom were.

There was no wireless connection like I originally thought there would be. This bugs me a bit as feel really out of touch especially regarding my children. The walls are paper thin and you can hear everything going on in the neighbor’s rooms.

We went down to breakfast this morning and sat in the only two available seats. We shared a table with a couple from Canada. I am going to stop complaining now as the woman at our table was griping constantly… and I don’t want to sound like her. So… attitude check – onto more pleasant topics…

After breakfast Ty and I walked the few blocks into town and met our bus for our couch tour of the Ring of Kerry.

We wanted to see the Ring of Kerry, but it is an all day drive. We chose the couch tour to give Ty a break from driving and we are glad we did. It was a nice day (a bit over cast, but no rain).

The Ring of Kerry is a journey through some of Ireland’s most beautiful scenery. I am posting some of the best pictures we took (we once again took a ton).

Ring of Kerry Tour:

The water was so clear, you could see the pebbles on the bottom

Artist on the side of the road selling paintings.

Met some friends along the way (Bog ponies!)

Ty and I on the Ring of Kerry Tour


I think he likes me

Stopped for lunch and saw this sign (aka Coffee to go)

The Following are more pics from the Ring of Kerry. I feel so fortunate to have witnessed such beauty, it really took our breath away.

We got back to the B&B around 5:30pm. It was a long day but we enjoyed the tour so much. We changed clothes and decided walked into Killarney town centre for dinner.

On our way to dinner (Ty’s expression cracks me up)

We noticed Killarney is a very touristy place and has quite the night life. Ty and I had yet to have a true Irish Pub experience, so we decided tonight would be the night to do so. We wandered into an Irish pub that played live Irish music. The Irish music started about 9 pm and the pub started filling pretty quickly. People were clapping and singing along and it was very close to how I had always pictured it.

What I didn’t picture was the nite club in the back of the pub which opened at 11pm. Ty and I wandered back there to see what it was like and we were met with some very familiar electronica music. It was a cute little club and everyone inside was dancing. There was very little sitting or just standing around going on. Ty has never been one to dance very much at clubs, so I was shocked to see him out on the dance floor. I guess he figured, why not – we were in another country where no one knows him. ;-) It was awesome to see him having a great time.

I promised I wouldn’t post any pics of him dancing. Here is a cool one of the lights on the dance floor:

We then made our way back to the pub side which by then was wall to wall people. A new live band was now on. We walked in as they were playing Garth Brooks “Friends in Low Places” The whole pub was singing along and I found the whole scene to be hysterically funny.

We left and walked back to the B&B. It was definitely an experience, and though we had a great time, one night of pub-ing is enough for us

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