Monday, September 28, 2009


We decided to skip breakfast and sleep in today. We were exhausted from all of our days of sight seeing and wanted a day of doing as little as possible.

We strolled in to town centre for lunch and to check out the town Killarney.

Killarney is very much a tourist town and if you are not taking a coach tour… it lacks much to do other than shop during the day and party at night.

A few pictures of the town:

Celtic Cross Monument in front of a hotel:

Coming up to town centre, beautiful view of church in background:

Killarney is in County Kerry, and the colors are green and gold:

The beautiful church again:

I took a picture of this tree while driving by… which stands in front of the church. The church served as a hospital for sick children during the great potato famine. This tree was placed as a monument to all the children who died there during the famine. They estimate about 3,000 children are buried beneath that tree. So unbelievably sad.

Killarney sits with mountains in the background

Horse and buggy rides

Crazy decorated car on side of the road

I never knew there was such a thing as a Tobacconist!!! Neither did Ty.... boggles the mind:

We ate dinner at Four Star Pizza… which has one less star than our hometown pizza place, but it was still tasty

Finally we decided to see a movie before heading back to the B&B for the night. We saw “The Surrogate” which wasn’t too bad. I never thought I would go to Ireland to see a movie, but it was actually very nice and relaxing. The perfect end to our day of doing very little.

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